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Chance 4 Children is the new name for the Child Placing Agency at Comprehensive Life Resources, a behavioral health organization in Tacoma, Washington.

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Our History

Chance 4 Children has a long and rich history of helping children in foster care. In 1983, CLR secured state funding to develop a 90-day group care facility for youth, as well as a grant to provide therapeutic foster care services as an alternative to hospitalization. Working with state officials, CLR was able to merge these programs into a continuum of diagnostic and foster treatment beds called CHANCE. The CHANCE program was a model for statewide services for over two decades and is the inspiration for the revamp of our program, Chance 4 Children.

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become a foster parent

Washington State is facing a significant shortage of foster homes. Currently, there are enough foster children in Pierce County to fill the LeMay Car Museum over 3 times! Our community needs strong and loving foster parents to help these children experience stability, a sense of safety, and a chance at a normal life. If you're interested in learning about what it takes it become a foster parent, contact us today! Our experienced staff (some of whom are foster parents themselves!) will lead you through the licensing process and help you answer any questions you may have.

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Therapeutic Foster Care

While there are many different kinds of care options available in Washington state, Chance 4 Children specializes in therapeutic foster care. Kids in our programs receive specialized treatment and expertise to meet their physical, emotional, and social needs. Generally, these kids have been in the foster care system for an extended period of time and have made multiple moves. Therapeutic foster parents are paid at a higher rate than those parenting regular foster children, but the goal is to still normalize and move them towards less restrictive care, adoption, or family reunification. Foster parents are supported in providing short term foster care, respite services, therapeutic homes, training, and mentoring. 

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Who is CLR?

Chance 4 Children is the Child Placing Agency at Tacoma-based non-profit Comprehensive Life Resources. Known in the community as Comprehensive or CLR, the organization has been providing behavioral health services to children, families, and adults in Pierce County for over 50 years. In addition to having an amazing foster care program, CLR is an organization that offers mental health therapy, substance use treatment, residential living, and homeless outreach services, to name a few. Learn more about CLR by checking out their Facebook page or website.

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